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Star Island Chapel

This historic structure exists on Star Island, one of several islands called the Isles of Shoals located off the coast of New Hampshire and southern Maine. Also known as Gosport Church, the Star Island Chapel was originally constructed of timbers from the wreck of a Spanish Ship in 1685. It was rebuilt in 1720 before the islanders burned it down in 1790. The current stone Chapel was erected in 1800. Chapel improvements are needed to eliminate cracked, separated and weak masonry, to provide safe support for new doorways, and to allow greater occupancy in the assembly area.

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The old chapel doorways need to be enlarged and improved for egress and occupancy increases.

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Cracks exist in the interior walls where a previous door existed years ago between the bell-tower and the chapel. Ross Engineering proposed installing steel supports and a new interior door at this location.

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Ross Engineering prepared a Report of Findings and Recommendations, a full set of structural plans, and a construction estimate for the Star Island Corporation to use when implementing improvements.

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